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Earth Day 2021

🌍 Happy Earth Day 🌎

If you didn’t already know it’s Earth Day today. This event is designed to bring awareness and support to environmental issues!

I have already seen some amazing and inspirational posts today but if you have any pages, people or posts that have really caught your eye please forward them my way as I love to find new sustainability related content 🌸

I hope most of you know by now that this is something I am very passionate about both in my own life and as owner of Wee Bit Of This And That. I love being surrounded by nature (as you can see in this ridiculous picture of me πŸ˜‚) and I believe we have a responsibility to protect it πŸ’š

This is the reason why little business and community was formed, to reduce waste particularly in the stationery industry πŸ“š So I thought today was a good opportunity to share again how we aim to do just that.

🌱 Reduce the need to buy new things by creating refillable stationery products

🌱 Using recycled or sustainable materials

🌱 Repurposing and reusing unwanted craft materials

🌱 Excluding single use plastic from all elements of our business

🌱 Ensuring our packaging is made from recycled, sustainable products and is recyclable or compostable at home

🌱 Supporting and advocating for sustainable living

I am always evolving my products and business to make sure they are as sustainable as possible. I am not perfect but I believe that lots of people doing sustainability imperfectly is more important than one person doing it perfectly – we are in this together! πŸ’š