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💛Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 – Nature 💛

Mental health is so important to talk about and yet it can be so hard! It can feel intimidating to be so open and vulnerable with people but this is how we are going to bring about change! This is how we are going to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health! 🧠

I myself suffer from depression that has affected my life in so many ways including jobs, relationships, education and just day to day life! It’s tough!!! I am fortunate that I have been able to find a medication that works for me and I have a strong support network who care for me and love me when I can’t do that myself and I feel so lucky that I have that 💕

I have been seeing some wonderful posts this week around this topic with some beautifully written posts. Now I know I might not be able to express myself nearly as well as all these wonderful people but I still think it’s super important to talk about it regardless of how unpolished it might be!

So this years Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme is Nature and honestly I cannot express the importance of being in, and appreciating nature, as a way to help deal with my mental health issues. Everywhere I have lived, be it in the countryside or city, I have always found my little space to escape from the world and just be surrounded by the beauty of nature, some of which are shown below. For me spending time outdoors in a quiet spot by the sea or park or garden is so important to me. It’s where I can ground myself, clear my mind and just generally be my happiest self!

Mental health is a never ending battle so please be kind to those you know that are dealing with it. Wee Bit Of This And That will always be a small place on the internet where I want people to be open and free to talk about anything and mental health is one of those topics. I want this to be an open and safe place for discussion so let me know in the comments what your relationship with nature is? Do you find it helps your mental or physical health? Where is your favourite place to be? ✍️